We are a community of committed to God Christians – ordinary people representing different age, social and ethnic groups who have realized that the only point of human existence is the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are moved by the desire this faith to be shared and applied in all spheres of our lives – social, political and cultural. We are united by our desire for spiritual new birth and proclamation of the spiritual Christian values.

Our vision is to build a healthy functioning Christian community which would grow and perfect itself in the Lord Jesus Christ, to encourage life and ministry based on the principles of the Word of God, to raise God’s authority, marriage values, friendship and tolerance, to share adequately the Good News with the unbelievers through care and affection.

We believe in the Godly inspiration and value of the Bible, the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ who is Lord and Saviour, only son of God, delivered by the virgin Mary, crucified and risen on the third day, now in heaven to the right of the Father as an Intercessor for the men who will come to judge the living and the dead. Every man needs forgiveness of sins and personal salvation which is done by repentance from sins and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our basic ministry is:

  1. Care for the lost and sharing the Good News. Preaching the Word of God.
  2. Worship and praise. Praising God as a main part of our service to Him following the Christian practice since creation of world. Men should praise and honor God.
  3. Preparation and building up of leaders. This includes seminars and Bible teachings according to the needs of the church. The main aspects are motivating believers for deepening their Bible knowledge as well as their practical applying in their everyday life.
  4. Children and youth ministry: children are our future and our presence which is why they are our mission. Our desire is for them to be a part of the church’s life, not only to be prepared for their future but also to be a part of the church’s leadership. Our biggest desire is to reach all that haven’t been reached.
  5. Homegroups: They aim to stimulate spiritual life and development of Christians giving them an opportunity to build permanent relationships between themselves in an atmosphere of love and mutual building.
  6. Social ministries: We want to follow Christ’s example for care and compassion to people in need and the painful problems in our society. Our efforts are directed to people in unprivileged position: socially week people and families, children and youths in risk, drug addicts, prisons, hospitals and other social institutions.
    Educational programs for illiterate people independent on race and position.
A ministry like that can’t be committed by a single person, group or a church. More people and more hearts with desire to bring this world to a change are needed. If this is your desire please join us:

Our address is: www.razlogchurch.com Email: revassen@yahoo.com Tel: +359 747 80255 Cell; +359 878 445866

Assen Christov Christov - 4 Stara planina str. Razlog 2760, Bulgaria