In the United States there is one pastor for every 230 people. In the rest of the world there is one pastor for every 100,000 people. The most effective way for the Gospel to be spread is through locals talking to their own people.

Training Church Planters and Pastors

ARP provides biblically based training for local church planters and pastors who lack adequate formal education. The curriculum combines introductory-level systematic theology with practical aspects of pastoral ministry and church planting strategies. Courses are taught by experienced, well-trained pastors and other professionals. In some locations, the training is offered over the calendar year in two-mounts modules which enable students to maintain their field ministries while receiving training.

Local Training Centers

The principal method by which ARP provides church planting and pastoral training is through training centers strategically located in the target countries. By offering training locally, students can continue living and ministering in their home towns between sessions. In an effort to indigenize the training centers, gifted locals are equipped to gradually assume leadership and teaching roles in their own training centers.

Advanced Theological Training

ARP provides an advanced level of training for select locals who are called by God to teach theology in their countries. The seminary level curriculum is taught by experienced instructors (most of whom have doctoral degrees) and equips students to train others who want to be teachers of the Bible in their countries. This program also prepares students to pursue seminary degrees from established, accredited institutions abroad in order to return to their native countries to teach in local seminaries and other educational institutions.

Developing Other Ministry Leaders

ARP trains and supports not only future church planters and pastors but also select locals who feel led to serve in other important areas of ministry. We strive to offer specific training in evangelistic outreach, camping and prison ministries, as well as ministries to women, youth, children and orphans.

Partnership Opportunities

Some reports state that over 90% of the world's trained pastors live in America. In partnership with ARP, you can help overcome this imbalance by equipping and empowering local pastors and other church leaders in strategic locations worldwide. Here are a few suggested ways to help:
Invest financially in the establishment or support of a strategic local training center
Send your pastor with ARP for two weeks to teach and mentor local pastors in a strategic local training center.
Send a seminary graduate or professor to train future local theology instructors in an advanced studies program.
Send a gifted lay teacher from your church to teach the Bible in countries where sound biblical teaching is desperately needed. Provide funds for the development, translation, publication, and/or acquisition of curriculum materials.
Help set up libraries for local pastors Financially support a local pastor during his studies at an ARP training center Sponsor a local pastor as an intern in your church to receive practical experience in a grace-oriented church environment.