The Church of God has greatly contributed to the elimination of racial barriers and prejudices. Since the time of my conversion 14 years ago, I have not had a biased attitude toward the Romani. Ministering in their churches, I have felt the wonderful presence of God on many occasions. I have been welcomed in their houses, eaten at their tables, slept in their beds, and played with their children.

There is a great camaraderie between the Bulgarian and Gypsy believers, because the love of God binds us together. The fellowship between the various ethnic churches is true and honest. There are occasionally some voices of prejudice in the church, but they are quickly silenced. Our churches teach Bulgarians, Romani, and Turks to love and help each other in times of need. The Gypsies are welcomed in all the Bulgarian churches and they welcome us in theirs. Those who still have racial biases need to repent and experience divine deliverance.

There is a number of mixed congregations, especially in the bigger cities.
Many churches, on the other hand, are homogenous, because the Romani have their own style of music and often sing in their own language. Thus, the Pentecostal churches have been a place where the Roma culture and ethnic identity is preserved. We believe in integrating the Gypsies without attempting to assimilate them, as the Communists did. They can be truly Christian and truly Romani at the same time.

Indigenous Gypsy Christianity is beautifully expressed by their free worship and dynamic music styles. The Roma have always been great musicians and singers.
They have formed many worship bands and the Bulgarians take great pleasure in hearing them sing and praise the Lord. God pours out His Spirit and blessings upon their sweet worship. There are hundreds of songs, which the Holy Spirit has given to the Romani believers for the glory of God. They sing one song, which says: “We are dark Tsigani (Gypsies), but we praise the Lord like angels of light.”