Church Planting

ARP seeks to glorify God by helping to establish indigenous churches, cooperate with national pastors, encourage pastor's fellowships, provide ministry resources, and help to meet the material needs of those who are planting churches. Establishing Churches At the invitation of Christian leaders ARP helps the church planters and pastors establish new churches which are doctrinally sound, grace-oriented, spiritually thriving, and multiplying. In most cases, the new church is established by means of an evangelistic campaign in a targeted community. New believers are introduced to the local pastor who begins to lead them in regular worship and Bible study. Following the campaign, ARP remains involved in the life of the pastor and the newly planted church to help them grow and develop.

Cooperating With National Pastors

Typically, these men have been trained in ARP' national training center in Razlog, ARP, also financially supports these men and their families for a period of time, which allows them to focus full-time on the job of planting and pastoring the new churches. In addition, the ministry strives to provide ongoing training and mentoring to the pastors and their leadership teams.

Fostering Pastors' Fellowships

Pastoring newly planted, grace-oriented churches in countries with no history or tradition of such churches is a most difficult and challenging work. In many cases the pastor is young and working alone in an isolated community. ARP recognizes the need to bring the pastors together on a regular basis for mutual accountability, encouragement, and sharing of ideas and problems.

The pastors are encouraged to form associations amongst themselves, which sometimes become official by registering under the laws of the respective country. ARP provides assistance in this process when appropriate.

Partnership Opportunities

There is no more challenging but necessary work than church planting. ARP invites your church to partner with us in this great labor of faith and love in the following ways:

  • Provide tax-deductible financial support for a national pastor and his family
  • Support other members of a national church's ministry team
  • Participate in a campaign to plant a new church or send others in your place
  • Fund the development of church libraries and other resources
  • Provide basic operational needs such as computers, fax machines, musical equipment and sound systems for national churches